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    1.Wath is ur favrite festival? And when is it?

    2.Wh d u lie it? And hw d u spend it?

    3.What is the st ppular Western festival in China?(注:是圣诞节)

    4.What d u thin abut re and re peple celebrating(庆祝)freign festivals in China?


    The Spring Festival is the st iprtant festival fr Chinese and it's favrite festival, t. Lie Christas in the West, all peple living awa fr he g bac abut half a nth befre the Spring Festival.

    The Spring Festival falls n the 1st da f the 1st lunar nth. On Spring Eve, fail watch the Spring Gala tgether and n the idnight, we set ff firecracers t ring ut the ld ear and ring in the new ne. M grandther tld e that ear is a nster s that peple pla firecracers t drive it awa. I als pa a new ear visit t grandparents and relatives and the alwas give e se gift ne. As a result, I lie Spring Festival ver uch. Nwadas, re and re peple in Chian begin t celebrate freign festivals. But I thin we shuldn't frget ur traditinal festivals. The are the culture and custs f China. T be a Chinese, we shuld nw the well and pass the n t the next generatins in future!

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